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I read a study in mens fitness magazine.it stated that 65 percent of women were not satisfied with their male partners penis size,40 percent did not care,but was more concern on how their male partner performs in bed.Male enhancements products were invented to fix that problem.

It's not men or womens fault these things happen.some men have big penises some don't.But for those of the men that have small penises,male enhancement products are the solution.

The reason why I am asking this question,is because I am doing it for a college essay,based young men and women's health,regarding male enhancement,and what do women think about it,and since there men have used it how ,has it changed their life sexually.I have asked women on campus this question,but most were too shy to ask this question, then continued to laugh insatiably.

I want to pass this grade.I need to so that I can graduate.

I think that these birage of male enhancement commercials are playing on mens fears that their penis is inadaquate and that in order to be a real man that they need to buy this product. which to me is a load of crap!

A man does not need to have a bigger penis in order to be a better lover. it is not always based on this. But in our society men as well as woman have been made to believe that self image is all that matters.

And for me if a man and a woman have a good loving relationship then a bigger penis wont even matter in the least it is love that makes a relationship. Not how big you are

I wouldn't want my boyfriend to take any pill that wasn't necessary. I don't like that they don't tell you how the pills work or what's even in them. Who knows what the long-term effects are or even the short-term? I also don't believe they even work.

Since there is no proven benefit to "male enhancement" and they can't even qualify exactly what "enhancement" entails, my thought of men who use them are gullible and insecure.

Neither are particularly "sexy" traits, in my opinion.

do those products even work? i wouldn't really mind if men used them. anyway the size of a penis doesn't mean that a man can sexually please his partner more if it is larger. it's if he knows how to work it.

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