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FAIRMONT — Dozens of women gathered in Fairmont for a special kind of retreat; one that focuses exclusively on positive lifestyle changes, and improving your mind, body, and soul.

the seventh annual Women on Wellness Retreat was held at Heston Farms on Saturday.

the theme of the retreat is ‘no judgment’.

“It doesn’t matter what age or what size, this is about healthy lifestyles, and that’s body, mind, and soul,” said Betty Critch, Executive Director of the National Center of Excellence and Women’s Health at WVU.

there were a few mother and daughter duo’s at the retreat, including Pam Kaehler, and her daughter Miah.

Miah said she’s using the no judgment theme to come out of her shell.

she said she wants other people to see her as “an awesome, intelligent young girl who is fun, caring, and nice.”

the retreat Kaehler said is teaching her to make time for herself.

“I think the reason that I like to come to this type of event, is that I have a very busy busy life. I know that I can’t take excellent care of anybody else unless I take care of myself. That’s one of the themes of this event is being able to take care of yourself so you can take care of others and your family,” Kaehler said.

the annual event brings together health professionals, fitness gurus, and nutrition experts to empower women to lead a healthy lifestyle.

All of the women are working through a journal, and identifying ways they can improve their own lives.

Knowledge is power, and even making the smallest lifestyle change can produce big results, Kaehler said.

“What we want to have women do is see that exercise can be fun, and that a healthy life style can be fun. So, that’s why you see stuff like rhythm sticks, so they can see that all of this can be fun but they can also see things like walking, it’s exercise; Pilates, yoga, just understanding what those different things are,” Kaehler said.

In fact, all of the women said they were having fun, trying new activities, and spending one whole day without judgment.

there will be other Women on Wellness retreats held throughout the state.

Click on the link below to learn more about the WOW retreats.

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