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A nice little hodgepodge on DVD this week as you can get a couple of kiddie films (one religious, one bird-consumed) and a DVD about sitcoms. yes, it’s indeed a hodgepodge.

The TV side is dominated by a couple of premium channel sitcoms, but there’s still enough room for a WB classic that you may forget existed. And don’t forget about the one truly horrible DVD this week.

Check it all out below…


You start to wonder if it’s foolproof.

It seems like every single Friday there’s some sort of colorful computer-generated animated comedy with a couple of big name stars above the title and a new type of species or object talking when it normally wouldn’t.

And what happens? Almost without exception the movie scores at least an 80% on Rotten Tomatoes, make $100 million, and do huge business on DVD.

It’s a formula that just doesn’t seem to fail. In fact, it’s so trustworthy and such a cash cow that you wonder why every studio doesn’t just become all computer-animated comedies all-the-time.

Then you remember that Mars needs Moms came out this year and you realize it’s not so easy.

But if you like the hits, you can buy Rio on DVD.


  • Exporting Raymond – Buy Now
  • Soul Surfer – Buy Now

“Eastbound and Down”: Season 2 and “The United States of Tara”: Season 3

A lot of people feel like Network comedies and dramas can’t compete with cable because the content allowed on premium cable provides

But I feel like it’s a crutch. It’s a way to avoid humor that’s sophisticated or intelligent or requires creativity and simply be vulgar.

Take these two shows for example. “United States of Tara” had nothing more on its agenda in its third season than shocking with violence and sexuality rather than playing its characters for humor. “Eastbound”, meanwhile, is essentially a long string of F-words that stays on one note for the entire time.

So is it really better that premium cable comedies are allowed to swear and show boobies? Isn’t that what gave us the last 5 seasons of “Entourage”? For me, I’ll take the cleverness of “Parks & Recreation” to the crassness of most premium cable comedies any day. I don’t need to hear F-Bombs to recognize a laugh line.

Now if you like this sort of comedy, you can:

Buy “Eastbound and Down”: Season 2 on DVD

Buy “The United States of Tara”: Season 3 on DVD


  • “Everwood”: Season 4 – Buy Now

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