Friday, December 4th, 2020

If you beat cancer when you were a kid, you’re not out of the danger zone yet. Childhood cancer survivors older than 40 have a higher risk of developing new cancers, according to a new study published in this week’s Journal of the American Medical Association. The study looked at nearly 18,000 British children diagnosed [...]

I have enough for both, but which is the better deal? both -3 high school. easton steath i have one and it is awesome easton has more pop in it and is an overall better bat i would go for the demarini its a more…ehhh…its a better bat lets just say that STEALTH I HAT [...]

Why was he named amongst the infamous "Keating five?" is he, indeed, just another corporatist war monger and a spear bearer for the investment bankers, mortgage industry, healthcare elitists? if not, why not? Health insurance companies expect tax payer subsidies to maintain their awesome profit levels. McCain has a bill for them. is that what [...]

Last night, ESPN blogger Mike Jurecki tweeted that the Arizona Cardinals were in talks with wide receiver Braylon Edwards. In 2010, Edwards caught 53 passes for 904 yards and seven touchdowns while playing for the New York Jets.  Now that Gang Green has re-signed Santonio Holmes and brought in Plaxico Burress, it’s a safe bet [...]

SINGAPORE men are concerned about getting older, and, more importantly, about what can be done to boost their sexual health. According to a survey conducted by – a health-education portal for men spearheaded by pharmaceuticals company Bayer Healthcare – 70 per cent of respondents view sex as “a vital indicator of their health and [...]

"101 lucruri inedite despre sex" este conceputa ca o examinare informativa, moderna si trufas de subiectiva a sexualitatii, oferind genul de amanunte picante care nu sunt mentionate de obicei in orele de educatie sexuala – cu exceptia cazului in care se intampla sa participati la o lectie foarte progresista si lipsita de prejudecati. Toate materialele [...]