Monday, October 19th, 2020

I am seriously thinking about doing the HCG diet which is an extreme low-calorie diet. You eat all the healthy food per day. No cheating. 500 calories per day with female hormone injection or drops called HCG. You can find info on Google and Youtube. Real people have used the HCG diet and stuck with [...]

South Beach Diet • re: coffee cream, quark I’m a brand new member living in Germany and don’t have access to many of the fat free/fat reduced products that you have in the states so I have a couple of questions that the book doesn’t answer. 1) Coffee Cream – I found a coffee cream [...]

Here are some example of a good low carb diet menu. these menus which contain a list of low carbohydrate food can help to keep your weight in a healthy range as well as maintaining the blood sugar levels for people with diabetes.   low Carb Breakfast   This could be burritos which are made [...]

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  I’m slim but i have a fat tummy. it gets worse when i eat. i eat alot of carbs,maybe that’s why.any easy diet plans? i don’t eat any meat except chicken and turkey.i eat fish too. Try those Activia things and see if that helps. i don’t believe in diet, really i don’t. just [...]