Monday, October 19th, 2020

I'm 14 and I've been told that I'm skinny. when I lift my shirt though, I don't see what they see. I see a bit of a belly. My mom says it's "unworked muscle." and she's told me what to do with it, but I've been doing ab exercises 4 times a week, for a [...]

Dining is a serious problem. I am for their diet, using the words of E. Hemingway. "and the diet is easy to start, I started the diet thousand times." As you know, it's easy to start a diet. Your friend, singer, please choose a doctor recommended diet and famous movie stars. on Monday, for example, [...]

  I’m slim but i have a fat tummy. it gets worse when i eat. i eat alot of carbs,maybe that’s why.any easy diet plans? i don’t eat any meat except chicken and turkey.i eat fish too. Try those Activia things and see if that helps. i don’t believe in diet, really i don’t. just [...]