Weight Loss Diet: Should You Avoid Potatoes?


Popular belief states that people who are trying to lose weight should avoid potatoes at all costs. Is this always true? Read ahead to find out.

Should You Avoid Potatoes When On A Weight Loss Regimen?

As per popular belief, potatoes are something that you should exclude from your diet if you are trying to lose weight. That is because they generally contain a lot of carbs and would just add to a few more pounds instead of the other way around.

However, as a lot of popular beliefs go, avoiding potatoes when you’re trying to lose weight is entirely unfounded. In fact, growing research is showing that potatoes can be part of a healthy diet. Furthermore, the idea of potatoes being bad for weight loss most likely came from other products that are made from it such as chips and fries, both of which are usually processed and increase your risk of developing disease in addition to helping you gain weight.

Additionally, eating potatoes is not only allowed, but it also can help in weight loss all while increasing muscle mass and strength. This is because potatoes are considered as starchy vegetables that are filled to the brim with good carbohydrates. Moreover, it’s also rich in protein, which in turn can help you feel more full and satisfied after eating a meal. The protein found in potatoes can also suppress your hunger by boosting your metabolism and reducing the levels of hunger hormone.

The new study around these potatoes was reportedly made by researchers from the McMaster University, who stated that not only do they help build muscle strength but can also promote weight loss. Furthermore, although not high in protein content like other vegetables, the ones you find in potatoes are very high in quality.

As such, the study revealed that potatoes are good for patients with high blood pressure, can act as an immunity boost, can improve your digestion and can keep your heart healthy. Of course, make sure that they’re not processed because when the potato itself is covered in mayo and is deep-fried, then it starts to lose its purpose.

potatoes Potatoes are good sources of resistant starch, which good bacteria uses to generate energy to produce immune cells and protect the stomach. Pixabay

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