Los Angeles County COVID-19 Update: Cases Surge As More Sectors Reopen


The number of people affected by COVID-19 over in Los Angeles County is surging, a development feared as regions start to reopen. But beyond that, there is the failure to adhere to the health guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Some are failing to observe proper social distancing, a red flag right now that could pass the strain from one person to another.

According to the latest update from the LA Public Health, the number of COVID-19-related cases jumped to an alarming 2,056. The number of coronavirus deaths also rose from 38 to 48 based on reports that came out last Friday. In all, that raises the number of confirmed cases to 81,636 across LA County. The number of deaths is at 3,110.

Worth noting as well is the sudden surge in coronavirus numbers is also due to the delays in lab reporting. The previous high of new cases in a single day was 2,126 that happened on Wednesday. Tie that up with reopening plans, there is a huge possibility that cases over in the region will continue to rise.

“Each day, we are sad to report additional deaths from COVID-19 of people across our communities,” Director of Public Health for L.A. County Dr. Barbara Ferrer said. “Many businesses and spaces reopened in the last month, and residents have found themselves in crowded situations at boardwalks, bars and protests. Increased contact with others not in your household results in an increased risk of transmission of COVID-19.”

Despite most failing to adhere to the guidelines, resulting in crowded places in the area, health officials have appended requirements before reopening. The updates can be found here, covering cardrooms, bars, personal care, restaurants and offices.

Breaking down the 81,636 cases from laboratory confirmed cases, Los Angeles County alone accounted for 77,582 of them. In terms of deaths, they also had the most number at 2,905. Long Beach had 2,934 cases and 118 deaths while Pasadena had 1,120 cases and 87 deaths.

COVID-19 and restaurant reopening Health experts said that people should continue practicing social distancing and other safety measures amid the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in restaurants and bars. Pixabay

Other breakdowns include age category, gender and race. People aged over 65 in Los Angeles County showed 11,779 with COVID-19 related cases. Males were slightly ahead of females on being hit by the coronavirus (39,088 and 38,126 respectively). As far as race, Hispanic-Latinos had the highest count at 27,017. The 7,713 have been hospitalized per the latest tally. As far as deaths, excluding Long Beach and Pasadena, there were 1,216 Hispanic/ Latinos passing away, followed by Whites (831).

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