How To Efficiently Lose The Weight You Gained While In Quarantine


Unplanned weight gain has been one of the growing issues amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The forced isolation, closing of gyms and limited time to do groceries led many people to an unhealthy lifestyle with poor diet and less exercise.

But many parts of the U.S. and other countries recently started to slowly reopen. That means people can access certain public places, such as restaurants, parks and tourist spots. 

Many are excited to meet with families and friends again but are having problems with their lockdown pounds. That leads them to diets that promise to show quick results.

One approach that has been getting attention amid the pandemic is crash dieting. It can cause  instant weight loss but health experts warned that this eating plan is unhealthy and not sustainable. 

“So you’ve put pounds on during lockdown and you want to get back to your pre-lockdown weight as soon as possible,” Hannah Richards, a nutritionist and author of “The Best Possible You,” told Daily Express. “Let me tell you something – crash dieting doesn’t work and there always comes a point when the intermittent fasting backfires.”

To help people shed some extra pounds safely while at home, Richards shared some tips that will require little effort but offer great benefits. 

Safe, Healthy Ways To Cut Lockdown Pounds

Eat Natural Diet 

Increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetables would give you more fiber and other important nutrients that support weight loss and give more energy. Richards suggested focusing on green, starchy and fibrous vegetables to manage appetite and make you feel fuller during the day. 

“Don’t be worried about eating carbohydrates, such as rice, lentils or grains,” she said. “However, be wary of processed food, alcohol, corn sugar, additives, preservatives, trans fat, hydro go side milk, commercially farmed meat, cheese that has elastic qualities and sweets.”

Stay Hydrated

Water can also play an important role in the weight loss process. Drinking water before meals and after may help to make you feel fuller. 

That could help reduce food consumption and cause a calorie deficit to shed the extra pounds.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Plan your alcohol free days each week. Richards said it could help improve sleep and reduce intake of extra calories and sugar.

She recommended staying alcohol free for five days each week for better weight loss results. 

Stop Counting Your Calories

Richards said regularly counting calories can be unhealthy for your mindset. People should pay attention to the quality of the food they eat and not on numbers. 

Eating healthy foods could help reduce daily consumption but provide the body with enough nutrients and other sources of energy to support daily functions. 

Manage Your Cravings

Listen to your body and always ask yourself if you are really hungry, thirsty or just bored. Richards said diets should focus on feeding your body, not your emotions. 

Diet and COVID-19 Market intelligence company FMCG Gurus reported in April that 72 percent of shoppers across Europe now prefer more healthy food options because of their COVID-19 experience. Pixabay

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