Emotional Benefits of Probiotics; Phase III Success for ADHD Tx


Probiotics paired with prebiotics may hold a place in depression and anxiety treatment regimens, according to a review of seven studies. (The BMJ)

The investigational treatment vafidemstat — an oral KDM1A inhibitor — effectively reduced aggression in patients with borderline personality disorder, ADHD, and autism in the phase IIa Reimagine trial, Oryzon Genomics announced.

Sunovion said its SEP-4199 amisulpride formulation failed to meet its primary endpoint after six weeks in a phase II trial targeting major depressive episodes associated with bipolar I disorders..

And in two phase III studies, the oral ADHD treatment centanafadine — a serotonin-norepinephrine-dopamine, triple-reuptake inhibitor — was deemed safe and effective in adults, Otsuka said.

Biogen announced it submitted a new biologics license application to the FDA for its Alzheimer’s anti-amyloid drug aducanumab.

Compared with the previous year, use of telehealth services in April 2020 jumped by over 8,300%, with mental health conditions accounting for more than 34% of the diagnoses made during telehealth visits. (PsychCongress)

Anxieties over safety kept some New Yorkers from exercising in the park, according to a new study. “Investing in park safety offers a practical way of improving physical and mental health in different communities in the city, especially in areas where there are stigmas associated with seeking help,” says senior study author Melanie Jay, MD, MS, of NYU Langone Medical Center, in a statement. (International Journal of Environmental Research)

Another study ties inadequate sleep at night to worse emotional health during the day for kids. (ScienceDaily)

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