3 Things Stopping You From Properly Losing Weight


Weight loss can be quite the tricky process. But if you’re already doing the best you can, are there other things that can be holding you back?

Three Things That Are Stopping You From Losing Weight

For reasons more than one (and countless other write-ups have mentioned before), weight loss is a time-taking and more often than not, tricky process. Despite knowing that, people still hope for quick results and get frustrated when they don’t. It’s a frustrating and long process, but there really isn’t any other option. Sometimes, you just need to go through it, keep at it and work yourself off to get some guaranteed results.

However, since the process itself is arduous, a lot of people make mistakes that hold them back and delay their results. Here are top three of the most common ones that people do:

  1. You carry an extreme mindset – There are people who have the all or nothing mindset, meaning that they will either do the right thing (which involves cutting down on carbs and consistently exercising) or do nothing at all. If you are one of these people, then you need to immediately change it. This is because performing these things mindfully is the only way for them to work and it’s better to have a restrictive weight loss regime than none at all.
  2. Lack of support system – Because of social stigma, a lot of people fail to lose weight. This is because if you are around people who would discourage you or look down on your progress, you’ll bound to fail at losing weight. However, if you are around people who would encourage you and push you forward, you’ll become more likely to stick to your progress, maybe even take inspiration from them.
  3. You think exercise is all you need – Although exercise plays a big part in losing weight, it’s not the only thing you need. To achieve weight loss, you need to pair it up with other healthier choices, such as getting enough sleep and eating the right amount of healthy foods. Keep a track of the number of calories you burn and consume as well.

Weight loss For many people, weight loss can be very tricky. Pixabay

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