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This is something I’ve never quite understood, maybe somebody else has some thoughts but basically surrounding the first discussions between customer and dealerships.I’m a bit addicted to change so if the right things fall into place at some point in the future I’m going to change my car whether that’s in 1 month or 2 years from now, we’re not in a world where I’ll never buy another car again. Somewhere along this line I want to work out what that next car I’m going to buy is actually going to be and I don’t think I’m alone in this but I don’t decide one day I’m buying a new car then go to a some dealerships and choose on that very day. I’d prefer to take time, see things and think about it and wait for the right car to come to me and when I do stumble across it I’ll buy it, like I said who knows when that might be.So here’s the bit I don’t understand, I called my local Aston dealership and said I’d like to have a poke around a DBS Volante because I expect that’s what I’m going to want next but here’s the problem, this particular dealership don’t want to let me take a test drive because I wasn’t able to say I’ll definitely buy it if it’s all ok so after this goes around in a loop a bit I give up and I’ll forget about it for a while. What are you actually supposed to do? tell everyone you are definitely buying their cars? I mean I’ll want to explore the SLS, California and DBS I think at this stage and have no idea how you go about it because I don’t want to tell them all I’m buying their cars and then feel guilty when I don’t!I only bring this up because I’ve spent today with Maserati throwing some of their cars including the Gran Cabrio around a track – the only one to take my fancy was the Granturismo MC-Shift but that’s not really appropriate for me so can rule Maserati out for now.

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