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Men, have you ever wondered if your health issues related to yeast infections? you could be on the right track. In general men’s susceptibility to yeast is less than women’s, but it must not be overlooked.

But you may have some disadvantages too. Women’s yeast infections seem to be diagnosed more easily than men’s.

Dr. Trowbridge thinks that men’s yeast infection problems are not as devastating as women’s because the complexity of the female hormonal system sets them up for more yeast problems. In addition men tend to stay away from the doctor more than women, so they are less likely to get treatments that have side effects of flaring yeast overgrowth.

But men may suffer longer before an astute doctor recognizes the yeast infection problem that manifests as many different disguises.

Dr. Crook would look into the possibility that yeast overgrowth might be the underlying cause when men showed these symptoms:

trouble with food and inhalant allergies

Persistent jock itch, athlete’s foot or fungal infection of the nails

Treatment with repeated courses of antibiotics for acne, prostatitis, sinusitis or other infections

Ongoing digestive problems such as constipation, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea

Cravings and consumption of lots of sweets, breads, beer and other alcohol

Fatigue, depression and unusual nervous system symptoms

Feeling worse on damp days (usually a mold sensitivity problem)

Feel bad with exposure to chemicals and tobacco smoke

Yeast infection symptoms specific to men occur in the reproductive tract.

A man’s groin area may be more susceptible to jock itch because that area stays warm and moist with heat generating activities like sports and working outside which leads to more sweating.

That skin inflammation may extend to the genital area causing itchy, red uncomfortable rashes on the scrotum or other private parts.

As a man becomes more and more obese he may develop a fold of skin and fat that sags over the groin area causing a greater propensity for chronic yeast skin rashes. Those moist, warm places provide a perfect habitat to increase the yeast population.

in my clinical experience I noticed that men also have a greater tendency to contract athlete’s foot and nail fungus, perhaps once again due to their propensity to sweat more easily and possibly due to work or sport activities that keep them out in a hot environment.

Look out for diabetes which sets the stage for worse yeast problems. Those yeasty-beasties thrive on that elevated blood sugar making it even harder to control those skin or genital disturbances.

Of course, just like women and children, yeast overgrowth may affect any organ system creating mysterious symptoms which are difficult to treat because no one ever suspects yeast as the underlying problem.

Let’s look at some of those mysterious manifestations of yeast overgrowth. In the nervous system: chronic fatigue, brain-fog, anxiety, memory loss, mood swings, depression and chronic insomnia

In the endocrine system: upset in the hormonal system contributes to symptoms of muscle weakness, low body temperature, extreme fatigue, tingling and numbness in fingers, feet and toes, sugar and carbohydrate cravings and insulin resistance and inability to lose weight.

More in the endocrine system: testicular stress leading to abnormal or decreased production of sex hormones – and you know where that leads – no fun in bed and a host of other problems.

If you’re beginning to think you may have a yeast overgrowth problem, take a look at your lifestyle and past health problems. First sleuth out the cause of this yeast overgrowth vicious cycle. Once you know the causes(s) you can get rid of them and be on your way back to vibrantly good health..

Are you ready for more information about solutions to this mens yeast infection problem? Good because that information is readily available.. you can overcome this problem.

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