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Hi there im 15 years old and recently i was told that eating soy products increases the production of estrogen in the body. i used to eat a lot of soy patties, which are basically just soy protein mashed into a hamburger like shape. So i have a few questions that i would really like someone to answer.

1: Does eating soy products(such as the soy patties) increase estrogen in men?

2: What are the effects of extra estrogen in men?

3: is it possible that this has completely stopped my growth( seeing as im 15 years old i assume i have a decent amount of growing left)

4: Does this harm my ability to reproduce in some way?

5:if there is any damage, is it permanent?

1. yes.
2. High levels of estrogen can cause brest development, slowed facial hair growth, moodiness, the inability to drive and the urge to shop for shoes.(hehe)
3. no. Growth can come and go in spurts.
4. no.
5. no, men naturally produce estrogen. It might (research differs) slightly increase your risk of breast cancer.

Don't worry, you can't eat enough soy to make much difference. most of the problems men can get with excess estrogen would only be caused by levels caused with artificial supplements.

1) yes, soy isoflavones do increase estrogen in both men and women.
2) side effects can include gynocomastia (male breasts), but it is unlikely.
3) no, it will not stop you from growing.
4) It should not have any effect on your ability to reproduce.
5) It's doubtful that there is any damage, as the estrogen production would be minimal, but your hormones will balance back out whenever you stop using the soy.
P.S. It takes a lot to have much effect. just make sure it's not your only source of protein.

Considering the amount of hormones in a single mcDonalds burger.
Tofu should be the least of anyones worry.

The is so much chemicals and hormones in most foods produced today it is more likely the sodas and candy will do more harm than tofu.

If you are a heavy person nd you eat a stupid amount of it you can (so I've been told) get "moobs" or "man-boobs" due to a female hormone which resides with soy.

Eat it in good proportion and you've nothing to worry about.

increases sperm bank;…

It can only be healthy for you.

Soya proteins contain isoflavones that can mimic a weak oestrogen effect. It's not the same as the oestrogen the body makes – it is 1,000 times weaker than the body's oestrogen, but it's this that has led to concerns (and rumour) about adverse effects on men.

There is no actual scientific evidence that soya has any adverse effect on men.

Your growth depends on your genes – it certainly won't be affected by eating soya.

People on all sorts of crap diets manage to reproduce – why would a little soya affect your chances? Countries where soya is a staple don't exactly have a low populations…

Since someone has mentioned breast cancer – there is no actual scientific evidence that soya causes, prevents, contributes to or affects the progress of any cancer, including oestrogen positive breast cancer, which is the one most often cited. There are those in the field who argue that isoflavones may be of help in preventing breast cancer or be beneficial to women who have had breast cancer.

There is current research into whether increasing phyto oestrogens in the diet helps to prevent breast or prostate cancer, and a study in 2002 found that women with the highest levels of soya products in their diets had the lowest breast density – higher breast density being associated with higher breast cancer risk.

I've heard that because soy products contain estrogen, it can make guys "less fertile". xD but I don't know if it's true. do some research and let us know. :]

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