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btw i asked in mens health but only 5 answers so i tried here i dont know what other section to post it in.

ok so i need some cash, i cant find work anywhere i was thinking could i sign up to an agency to be a model?
ive filled out the online application form i just havent clicked send yet, i mean will they just take one look at the photo and laugh? that photo was from holiday i just cut my younger bro out of it

im a guy btw on my sisters account.………


i like your first pic
i like your messy hair lol maybe just cut it a tad bit shorter…….but yeah go for it

hey answer mine;…

no way.. you can't

Wow. you could defiantly be a model. your hot !

change the hair

your hair is dbaggish.
change it.

you have GOT to change your hair, it's a mess!!!!

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