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personally(as a panthers fan) i like the panthers in this situation. marvin is hurt. but jake is hurt also. and since our retared coach signed no other than vinny (i dont hate the guy, but i dont think ppl over 40 shouldnt risk their health).our team is 2-0 vs manning, but were 0-2 at home. but i think if we run the ball effectively and get some short passes to smith, i think the game is ours. i like the colts as an organasation, but the pats are better

You're really underrating the Colts Defense.

There should be absolutely no way the Colts lose.

colts buh

if you asked colts or pats then i'd say patriots

Neither.. I'm a Chiefs fan

Your Right.
Steve Smith Is Unstoppable


colts!! for sure

too early for them to lose.

Guess you were wrong Colts Win! 31-7!!
Go Colts!!!

Chemical you can't wait until the games over to make your pick.

Unless the Colts are looking past the Panthers into the game with the Patriots,Indianapolis will win this one easy

yeah marvin is hurt but he has been hurt for the past few weeks.. and we crushed the bucs when we didnt have marvin, joeseph addai, or bob sanders… but i do think you guys have a better chance than people are giving you.. but im sorry i just think the colts are too good for you guys to handle this year…

the panthers have to run the ball really well cause the colts have the #1 pass D and the 3rd best overall D.. we are not like we used to be.. we are a different kind of D though… we are fast.. remember that safety we got in Jacksonville??? if we get you guys to your own one or two yard line then it is basically an automatic 2 points….

i am sorry but i think the colts have the game. Its going to be a great game but i mean really. now the third string QB has to worry about Freeney…… for him Colts win by atleast a TD

Get rid of John Fox, and hire Marty to replace him, and then maybe the panthers might have a slight chance, but even the great Steve Smith won't be able to do much in this one….maybe Fox will try for Fran Tarkenton next!! or Blanda, or joe kapp……

With Vinny at QB. I see them being respectful but the Colts have an image to uphold. They're looking at showing folks that they're the Team to beat.

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