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  • The good people at DPH fail to understand that communities don’t need, nor want, cookie-cutter approaches to dealing with issues. Women, youth, and people of colour can’t simply go into the Castro and find it to be the same neighborhood experience that affluent, gay, white men experience. The same holds true for HIV Prevention and social services. Asians & Pacific Islanders have always had to create their own unique spaces to congregate and thrive in since the Gold Rush days because of institutionalized racism and outside hostility.  Just because you say an organization who has never served A&PIs, nor is an expert at serving A&PIs, " serves A&PIs.." doesn’t make it so.

  • The article reads like an envelopmental journalism. 

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  • For anyone who just read the above article (especially SFDPH staff), please ignore the author’s sensationalist framing of an otherwise delicate and complex issue.  The Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center is not merely clamoring for inclusion in San Francisco’s HIV prevention strategy –which makes no solid and meaningful plans to deliver services to a racial/ethnic group that comprises about one-third of the City’s population– but clamoring for services that are both culturally competent and linguistically appropriate for the diversity of Asian clientele they serve.  With SFDPH not funding API Wellness, the expectation is that other providers are given monies to serve the targeted populations of Latinos and African-Americans, and then form partnerships to serve the needs of APIs, Indigenous Peoples, Women, and youth on an ancillary basis.  The API community is merely shedding the oppressive Model Minority label of being docile and passive, and actually standing up for itself against the very real threat of losing valuable services.  This does not mean that APIs don ninja costumes, katana, and shuriken to raid the offices of SFDPH, but that we respectfully make our voices heard to people like Grant Colfax, who are seemingly not fully aware of and convinced of the extent of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the API community.  The "attack" that Lauren Smiley speaks of is simply an expression of her desire to add more excitement to a story she probably shouldn’t have been covering in the first place.  Excuse her.  –"The Hun"

  • "Attack?"  what a politically incorrect word!!! what kind of journalist are you Ms. Smiley.

  • The issue is not about A&PI Wellness Center and their funding. what the writer fails to understand is the fact that Asians & Pacific Islanders–an ENTIRE racial/ethnic community (and over 1/3 of this city) was OMITTED from a multi-year strategic prevention plan for the entire city/county. SF Dept of Public Health opened the door to politics of race the moment they released a request for proposals structure that created and prioritized special funding categories for racial/ethnic groups, and NO funding category for Asians & Pacific Islanders (also Native Americans, women, youth). this is the same old rhetoric of "there’s no data to support that there is a problem in that A&PI community." We’ll never know the true picture of the epidemic in under-researched, under-served communities if we never prioritize creating aggressive tools to gather better data on A&PI communities. Though San Francisco Dept. of Public Health is definitely a leader in implementing the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, they really need to understand that  local epidemiology and local demographics need to be strongly considered as well.

  • What you call attack we call advocacy.  Shame on you Lauren Smiley for you insensitive bias article. 

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