Friday, December 4th, 2020

Links for the Day: Barack Obama Turns 50, Faye Dunaway Is or Isn't Evicted, Wheaton College Hates Gays, Oprah Is Oscar-bound, & More


Today is a turning point for Barack Obama. he is now 50. Happy birthday, prez.

Kenneth Lonergan’s long-awaited Margaret is finally coming to theaters.

Faye Dunaway says she can’t be evicted because she moved out.

New H.I.V. cases steady despite better treatment.

A preview of the film (Twixt) Francis Ford Coppola plans to take on tour is here. but will his live editing process provide insight or is it a gimmick?

Wheaton College hates gays, but the cafeteria food is good?

Two moons above Earth may have collided to create one, study says.

Ryan Murphy reveals the supernatural sex shenanigans of American Horror Story.

Does Oprah really deserve on honorary Oscar?

For Richard Brody, math is a philosophical issue.

Links for the Day: A collection of links to items that we hope will spark discussion. We encourage our readers to submit candidates for consideration to and to converse in the comments section.

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