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Im on a diet I need to lose between 30-50 pounds Im dieting and exersize as well but I dont seem to be losing weight so what is the best diet pill for a 20 year old female

are you writing down everything your eating? and are you doing enough exersise?

I would start there before starting to take a diet pill.

calorie counting in annoying but at least then you will have some kind of and idea if your going wrong in your diet??

exersise needs to be at least 40 mins a day 5 days a week for weight loss and at an intensity that its hard to talk and you brak a sweat.

good luck you can do it!!

Kelp helps to normalize the metabolism. Cayenne and Cinnamon helps to speed up the metabolism naturally. Health food stores carry these in capsule form. Good Luck.

Phenteramine 37.5 mg You can get it from your Dr. and go get the script filled. But call around cause drugstores differ on this product. I pay $19.87 and some drugstores charge $59.99. if you go to a weight loss clinic they will chrg around $69.00-$89.00. if your Dr. will write fatigue as the reason for prescribing them instead of weight loss your insurance will pay but most insurance companies dont pay for weight loss visit. Most will prescibe it as long as you show your losing each mth.

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