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I want a quick 1-7 day quick diet to jump start my regular diet. just to flush out toxins and to get my body ready for diet and workout. Please help

Just go on a 24 hr fast, drinking lots of water only, green tea too if you want. By that time, most of your cravings should be gone and you'll experience true hunger. Once it's over though, MAKE SURE to eat a healthy, light, wholesome breakfast, lunch, and dinner. DO NOT eat junk food or fattening food of any kind; that will just make your cravings for junk food worse.
Good food options:
whole grain bread/pasta/cereal (look for ones with high fiber content and lower calories)
lowfat cheeses and soymilk or skim milk for protein
baked/grilled meats instead of fried

The higher fiber and lack of excessive sugar and fat will have you feeling a lot more satisfied and full. Eating this way will be a lot easier after a 24 hr fast because you actually feel true hunger after that time, and pretty much anything tastes good after 24 hrs of no food. It's a great way to "train" your tastebuds to like things that are good for you.

first thing i advice you to try the water diet this diet does not need to change all of your eating system to lose some weight but its only depends just on drinking water in a specific system only
for more about the water diet you can visit this page

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