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Enjoy your Prasouda Diet by making up a meal plan that consists of lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish.

If you have just no idea on how to set up a diet plan or specific recipes, follow my instructions on this page:

I set up detailed diet plans, recipes with images and anything else you need to know about the Prasouda Diet.

The following is a simple sample diet plan of the Prasouda Diet.


– Grapefruit- slice whole wheat toast- a glass of orange juice

– Avocado Salad (Mixed Greens and Tomatoes/w Avocado) with glass of Ice Tea

– Fresh Grapes and other fresh fruits in season

– Baked Fish or on the Grill with lemon butter for flavor- Cheese -Potatoes- Fresh Green Beans Steamed with Almonds- Glass Red Wine


– Fresh Melon with Bran Muffin and orange juice

– Banana Boat Salad (1-scoop Tuna salad 1-scoop potato salad 1 scoop- cottage cheese (placed inside of a banana split dish). Put leaf lettuce on bottom. on top of the salads put a cherry tomato, along the sides a slice of pickles)- Whole-wheat crackers and glass of Ice Tea

– Fresh Fruit of the season

– Baked Chicken in a Marinara Sauce- Fresh Spinach steamed- White rice- Slice whole wheat bread- Cup of sorbet (flavor of your choice)- Glass of White Wine, Berry Juice, or Your choice


– One Blueberry Muffin- small bowl of bran flakes- a glass of orange juice

– Chicken Salad (Lettuce, Tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, with chunks of chicken, Italian Dressing)- Ice Tea or Lemonade

– Berry Flavored yogurt (plain yogurt with fresh berries can be substituted)

– Spaghetti- tossed salad with fresh melon garlic bread- Ice Tea, Lemonade, or glass of wine


– Small Bowl of Oatmeal with an Oatmeal muffin Cup- Hot Tea and small glass of Orange Juice freshly squeezed

– Thinly sliced ham on sesame seed bun, with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, green peppers and salad dressing or mustard- a pod of grapes- a glass of berry juice

– Berry Flavored yogurt

– Fresh fruit salad (melons, grapes, pineapple, bananas, and nutsShrimp with slice whole wheat bread dipped in olive oil)- Drink of choice


– Egg with orange slices- Slice whole wheat toast- Glass of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice

– Slice of turkey on one slice of whole wheat bread- a glass of lemonade

– Fresh Fruit and nuts

– Chicken Kiev with white rice- Watermelon- Fresh greens Drink of choice squeezed from fresh fruits.


– One hard boiled (soft if you like) egg- Slice of cranberry bread- a glass of orange juice

– Tomato stuffed with Tuna Salad- Wheat crackers- Ice Tea or Lemonade

– Fresh Fruit of the Season

– Grilled Chicken with leaf spinach steamed- Baked potatoes- Watermelon- Drink of choice


– Cup of Peaches with slice of whole-wheat toast- One egg with cheese- a glass of orange juice

– Banana and strawberry mixed in a small bowl, covered with milk

– Cheese Sticks with lean turkey wrapped round and green onion

– Steak with steak fries- Fresh garden salad- Green beans steamed or corn-on-cob hot rolls or Corn Bread- Glass of Red wine or drink of choice

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