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I am seriously thinking about doing the HCG diet which is an extreme low-calorie diet. You eat all the healthy food per day. No cheating. 500 calories per day with female hormone injection or drops called HCG. You can find info on Google and Youtube. Real people have used the HCG diet and stuck with it. they have typically lost up to 2 lbs a day. I know this extreme, but I need responses from real people who have successfully lost fat. if you are/were on HCG diet or another diet that has worked for you. I want your responses. tell me the diet you were on: Fitness and Nutrition (food, calories, etc). how much weight did you lose? how long did it take you to lose that much weight? No advertisers.

I’m on the HCG diet too. I’m on day 5 and I’ve lost 8 pounds. It’s a good diet if you want to lose weight fast, but it is hard. After this diet, I think I’ll just stick to a normal 1200 cal diet and exercise. This is the hardest diet I’ve ever done. It’s super strict. I will be glad when my 2 1/2 weeks are up then I can up it to 1200 cal. I recommend doing something different if you can. This would be a last resort. good luck!

I’m on day 14, 10 lbs so far. Fitting back into my pre-pregnancy pants. This is really not a diet for everyone. And it’s one you have to follow very strictly or you won’t see result. It’s not just the 500 cal, it’s a list of food you’re allowed to eat. Cheat and you won’t lose.

HCG sounds terrible. And if you’re skinny then maybe you just need to tone your stomach with exercise?

Skip the diets and just begin a healthy way of eating that you can live with for the rest of your life. Otherwise you are guaranteed to gain it back when the diet is over.

I lost 20 lbs. in three months when I went from vegetarian to vegan and began running 20 min every other day. I have kept it off 2-1/2 years with no yo-yoing. I stay within 2 lbs. of my goal weight. I can’t take all the credit – I find it effortless because I have good genes, had a healthy food environment in childhood, and have control of my food environment now (I’m the shopper/cook).

Good luck to you.

I wouldn’t do the HGC diet it sounds really unhealthy. last year I was in crew (rowing) I didn’t lose weight, actually I gained it, but it was in muscle, and I lost my fat. also eating vegetables, and I ate salmon almost once a week. if you go to school or work, bring something like carrots, or apple slices for a snack, and don’t skip any meals because then you’re more likely to snack on unhealthy things. Basically skip things like cake and chips, and instead have fruit, protein, and veggies. Then find a sport you really enjoy, preferably a team sport (well team sports helped me anyway). also getting enough sleep helps too. Teens need 9 1/4 hours, and adults need 7-8 hours when there isn’t any “sleep debt”. good Luck!

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