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July 30, 2011 /NewsRelease/ – at , we are concentrating on giving the public the information about maintaining healthy cholesterol level, fat reduction and weight management. it is a pleasure that I can finally devote my time to helping people to cope with their cholesterol level, blood pressure, calorie level, BMI, etc

The website actually recommends the best diet plans to help people lower their cholesterol level, reduce fat and lose weight. The main cholesterol lowering diet is a manufacturing and quality guaranteed product. Besides that it has a low price guaranteed tag on it as well.

As I mentioned in my profile that I had 2 of my friends and my colleagues suffering from high blood and high cholesterol problem. Unwanted things happened to them, one died of heart attack and another paralyzed by stroke. it was an awefully heart pain experience. I am determined to do my part and contribute as much as I can through

Another reason is because I was a high blood pressure patient as well but I do take my health seriously. I did my blood screening few years ago and found out that my total cholesterol level was 243 mg/dL (> 240 mg/dL) . that had crossed into the danger level. Like many people do, scouring all over the place, asking friends, looking for shops, searching the internet for solutions.

That time, many diet pills are not producing the desired result (so much hype) and have so much more unwanted side effects.

As technology advances, more and more weight loss solutions do not need heavy diet and besides that, they revolve around natural organic ingredient which produce no nasty side effects

Of course, when you are determined to solve the problem, you will eventually find that magical solution that fit your body.

I had tested and used it to lower my cholesterol level. and the result from my blood test was satisfactory. I lose the pounds as well along the way.

Now, I do not afraid to consume high cholesterol food as I have the secret solution that really works. So, what actually my reading now? I am having a cholesterol level of 167 mg/dL (< 200 mg/dL) .

I was amazed with such good product can do, and what it will do for you. I really have to salute today’s diet pill as it actually doesn’t need to diet at all, especially the type of tea that lower cholesterol at tremendous rate.

Check it out at for more detail

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