Healthy Diet

Dining is a serious problem. I am for their diet, using the words of E. Hemingway.

"and the diet is easy to start, I started the diet thousand times."

As you know, it's easy to start a diet. Your friend, singer, please choose a doctor recommended diet and famous movie stars.

on Monday, for example, withstand up to begin your diet and Wednesday. Do you think you are hungry, you are still determined to continue.

It is Thursday night.

under cover of darkness, you're going to visit … to open the fridge to eat all your refrigerator.

Punishment is the future. To indicate your size, you can lose weight. Your decision is as follows. "I have a refrigerator to help the star my favorite movie would not go at night to visit"

two weeks later.

Pointer downscale. You are desperate. this is your new diet. With the help of medicine and physician at the end of your diet as such, no. well, almost every meal.

A few months later, you will find a new diet. Friends, doctors and diet specialists, first of all, have suggested that the mental preparation you need. You totally have to prepare the Don '? A few days ago, D you (IET) to start the day, buy a nice notebook, writing / recording comments, and you keep a food diary. Exercise is to burn extra calories and fat to print yesterday. All is ready. Inspection checklist, you can begin your new diet and successful.

Ready! this is the beginning of the same day!

In all of this.

You begin to feel the discomfort on the final day. From your experience of the last attempt to notify, late Thursday night is the problem. You decided not to fall. Remember, now, you should avoid visiting the refrigerator overnight.

You have successfully overcome the crisis. on weekends. You hunger on the edge of strength and nerve to spend the weekend. You are hungry. Time to stay the course? yes!

Successfully re you have overcome the crisis. however, stress must be the work of fatigue and hunger. can not wait to get home you are. You are upset, are exhausted.

It's still Monday. Home at last. Their understanding of society, once again, re-equip the fridge! this collapse is a disaster for your diet plan! What tragedy!

You tried many ways to lose weight in a hurry, and found that, almost anything you can not be changed. If it is not possible, just your habit, behavior, friends, food, and press the switch to change the business environment … It is a process that requires a lot of time. most important: You should not try to change others, you must change yourself. important to recognize their own needs, when, really thirsty and hungry, to differentiate. when you eat or drink, the 're, stress and upset for the disappointment.

In order to successfully complete the meal, the pill (used as an appetite suppressant) shall be taken to suppress appetite. this type of diet will not be able to feel the hunger AIDS. how to drink when these drugs? The doctor's advice, you also need a tablet morning and evening. before going to bed, drink appetite suppressants, it is not possible to do things. rather, you have two to three hours before bedtime should not be an appetite suppressant.

according to the survey, doctors recommend a daily dose of tablets that are evenly distributed. It is a tablet or two of the three parts, 4-6 times a day, they are ideal. off the grid to solve the problem of hunger you feel when you or some pills or medicine. In fact, the only pill is found to be responsible for a good solution. If you suspect yourself, you will need a new product in the form of a patch for sure. thus, the right person in charge of the solution. SlimWeight product is called a patch. To take a pill to suppress appetite in the morning instead, you must comply with your patch. Day, through the skin, your body will absorb a small amount of appetite suppressing substance. Waterproof patch. however, it is not to be exaggerated. The patch can not swim.

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