Disclosure Zack Whittaker

I interned briefly at Microsoft UK Ltd. in 2006 but have since cut my ties. Regardless, I remain impartial and unbiased in my views.

I don’t hold any stock or shares, investments or industrial secrets in any company, but have signed confidentiality agreements with a number of UK and US organisations, whose names I am not at liberty to disclose.

I was involved with Kent Union, the University of Kent’s student union, undertaking voluntary, non-salaried, elected positions between early 2009 and mid-2010. since then, I remain as an automatic student member of the organisation as a result of my studies at the university.

No other company, body, government department, non-governmental organisation or third sector organisation employs me or pays me a salary in any capacity whatsoever.

As a freelance journalist, whenever expenses are given and taken by a company which is not CBS Interactive, these will be disclosed in each relevant post to ensure transparency.

(Updated: 13th February 2011)

Biography Zack Whittaker

Zack Whittaker, criminologist who studied at the University of Kent, Canterbury, UK, is a freelance journalist and broadcaster.

In between studying, drinking, and occasionally sleeping, he has already had a series unconventional work and voluntary positions. he has worked with researchers studying neurological illnesses like Tourette’s syndrome (which he suffers from), has given lectures on the nature of disabilities in the public community, and occasionally ends up speaking on television and radio discussing the events of the day.

Despite his young age, he may appear inexperienced and misguided, but don’t be fooled. at the grand age of 22, he has already totalled up many years of work, education, knowledge and general (mis)adventure.

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