The experience of drinking alcoholic beverages is not so much talked about because it is of common nature. it has been considered as a part of every social gatherings. The effects of alcohol is even quite common. Dizziness and the feeling of wanting to vomit are the results of drinking more than handful of alcohol in normal condition. This is famously referred to as being “tipsy”. Alcoholic drinks contain substances that go to a part of the brain and alter its role, thus, imbalance occurs, violent and risky behaviors, and irrational thinking. On the other hand, being tipsy can be helped. One needs to get an ample amount of sleep or he or she might need to drink a hot cup of coffee in order to recover and be sober again.

It is quite a different case when we look alcohol drinking in terms of alcohol addiction. despite negative consequences, people could not stop drinking once they are in a state of alcohol addiction. The state of alcohol is really very dangerous because drinking alcoholic drinks becomes a habit for a person. He or she cannot go on a day without drinking alcohol. This is quite a dilemma because the drinking habit may produce undesirable and negative effects. The primary effect of alcohol addiction is to encourage the sufferer to drink at times and in amounts that are health damaging. The secondary damage is caused by the failure to control one’s drinking manifests in many ways. Alcohol addiction also has significant social costs to both the alcoholic and their family and friends. Alcohol addiction can have adverse effects on mental health causing psychiatric disorders to develop.

On a very important note, one of the primary cause of abuse is due to alcohol addiction. Usually, among men, alcohol allows them to be very violent. The wives and children of the alcohol addict is usually the one most affected by this kind of violence. though we may say that these people are not sober when they beat their wives and children but then, they could not take away the trauma and the painful memory they have left in their loved ones.

Alcohol addiction could be inherited. there is a high risk of alcohol addiction when a person has family members who are also suffering from alcohol addiction. The gene responsible for alcohol addiction is currently being studied. moreover, social factors such as, the kind of friends you are constantly with, the parental model, and the amount of stress could be factors that contribute to alcohol addiction.

As we all know, family is the basic unit in society. it is where the person first learns to talk, to think, to feel, and to response. When a father has a drinking problem, he could be a causative factor to his son’s drinking problem in the future. The child sees the father as a model. He is the primary role model for behaviors at home. thus, the child may discover that it is fine to be drinking all the time. This is alarming because as the child grows, no one could be there to show him or her as to what is really right and wrong. The mother is not always aware of the transference that is happening to her child.

On a problematic side, alcohol addiction seems to be an underrated disease. This would create a problem because an alcohol addict might have a hard time accepting his or her situation. Some would say they are functional alcohol addicts. still, it means the same. Denial only seems to be present. yes, they function well when they are sober, but as soon as they get their hands on a bottle of beer, they become the alcohol addicted dad or the alcoholic and violent son. though the situation of alcohol addiction is prevalent among men, women are never exempted. Women is also at risk of alcohol addiction. they are never safe from this kind of problem.

Alcohol addiction is a dangerous situation that one should be vigilant of.

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