I'm studying nursing in the UK, but intend to work in the US (CA) after I graduate. I know I'll have to take the nclex-rn before I can register for work, but my question is will I have to register as a general nurse or specialize? Here in the UK you complete a common foundation programme in the first year and then choose either mental health, adult or child nursing for your second and third years. so if I'm licenced in the UK as an adult nurse, will I have to register in the US as an adult only nurse, or is it more general?

you can be a general nurse. there is a huge nursing shortage in the US. you can pretty much make your demands here.. of course you can always specialize as well. you may or may not need additional schooling (like operating room nurses for instance, need additional training).

I live in Texas and we don't specialize per se. Usually you find a field of nursing you like and get good at. There are certification exams you can take, but are not required by the state board of nurses. the certification can put you ahead of others in getting a job in a market that is really competitive. This doesn't mean that if you work in one area that you cannot change. you just have to find an employer that is willing to train you in another field of nursing.

They have good hospitals and the nurses are trained as general nurses in US( CA )

We do specialize, but the specialization process is on the job training and orientation. Nursing school lectures focus on nursing in general and you get exposure to specialties during clinical rotations. good luck! I'm in nursing school too, if you change your mind and want to go to NYC lemme know, that's where I'm headed after graduating.

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