South Beach Diet • re: coffee cream, quark

I’m a brand new member living in Germany and don’t have access to many of the fat free/fat reduced products that you have in the states so I have a couple of questions that the book doesn’t answer. 1) Coffee Cream – I found a coffee cream with (per 100ml) 110 cal, 6,9g protein, 11,6g carb (sugar), 4,0g fat. is this ok? the (almost) fat free milk they sell here is really just white water. 2) Quark – I’ve never seen this in the US but Martha Stewart mentioned it in a couple of her recipes so maybe it’s in speciality stores. It’s sort of like ricotta – a sour cream/cream cheese mix -can be sweet or salty like Ricotta. per 100g it has 66 cal, 12g protein, 4,1g carbs and 0,2 fat. can I use this instead of ricotta as I can’t find low fat ricotta. 3) low fat cheese- what is considered low fat? thank you so much for your answers. after using Atkins for years successfully, my body just quit responding to it and so I thought I’d give this a try. So far so good but answers to the above would really help me. gardenqueen

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