Here are some example of a good low carb diet menu. these menus which contain a list of low carbohydrate food can help to keep your weight in a healthy range as well as maintaining the blood sugar levels for people with diabetes.


low Carb Breakfast


This could be burritos which are made with low carb tortilla, two scrambled eggs in oil or butter. The butter or oil gives excellent taste and the tortilla bread adds to the taste. Burritos are Mexican food made with tortilla bread of wheat flour. The tortilla is folded on the edges with filling inside. The scrambled egg forms the filling in this case. Bean burritos are high in protein and also less amount of saturated fat, thus good for health.


Another option for low-carb breakfast can be frozen blueberries that is thawed along with cereals. Canadian bacon sliced and two pieces, spears of medium asparagus, frozen or even fresh strawberries are various options for a low carb healthy breakfast. The quantities of each of these individual items will vary depending on the food item.


A good quantity of salad is good for health with chicken meat that is well cooked and dressed with Itallian dressing that contains low or no-sugar content. The ingredients that go into making the salad include romaine lettuce that is chopped, mushrooms that is raw, carrot that is shredded, broccoli that is chopped. Lunch with cooked chicken, apple and pecans that are chopped are good for health and tasty. Salads that include lettuce, avocado, chicken meat which is well cooked also form good lunch options.


Brownies or cabbage that is not stuffed are good options for dinner and dessert. Steak that is pan-fried is an ideal and juicy dinner. Peppers and mushrooms simmered in wine and with added herbs for the taste, is another dinner option. Lean beef, olive oil, spinach, coleslaw are ideal dinner items. It is always better to start a low carb diet that one is familiar with. People who are by nature vegetarians have an advantage as the vegetarian food is mostly low carbohydrate content.


A person on low carb diet can have canned peaches and their juices. these have to be sugar-free. Almonds that are whole also form a good snack before tea time. Flax seed can be a good meal as snacks.

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