Friday, December 4th, 2020

 inger has anti-inflammatory properties and can therefore be a useful remedy for arthritis. •Researchers at the University of Michigan, Some recent discoveries: • Ginger has anti-cancer properties. said recently that it deems to be of ovarian cancer cells at bay – in a test tube. (This is far from saying that ginger can prevent [...]

A nice little hodgepodge on DVD this week as you can get a couple of kiddie films (one religious, one bird-consumed) and a DVD about sitcoms. yes, it’s indeed a hodgepodge. The TV side is dominated by a couple of premium channel sitcoms, but there’s still enough room for a WB classic that you may [...]

You want to only get the first 5 items from an array, but if there only exists less than 5 items in the array, you still want to get them all. The result would be an array variable containing at most 5 items. Is there a single PHP function that can do this? (I want [...]

I think he's a great actor, and he seems like such a decent guy. He's handsome plus he's a good man. Please tell me he isn't married!

Hot flashes, sometimes referred to as hot flushes, and night sweats are uncomfortable and annoying to many women going through the menopause, but these intense menopausal symptoms may actually have a health advantage, says a new US study. According to the study, published in the online edition of ‘Menopause,’ hot flashes at the onset of [...]

My friend said she took Viagra by mistake and had weird side effects…. just trying to find out if it’s normal. Answer: In 2004, Pfizer inc., the makers of the Viagra pill—introduced to improve men’s sexual health and functioning—announced that they would be abandoning eight years of previous research conducted in an attempt to develop [...]

August 2nd, 2011 So many people are searching for healthy skin tips to get glowing skin. If perhaps men and women can get healthy skin without having to spend money then all the better because we invest a lot on cosmetic products. The cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and celebs get paid super [...]

I read a study in mens fitness stated that 65 percent of women were not satisfied with their male partners penis size,40 percent did not care,but was more concern on how their male partner performs in bed.Male enhancements products were invented to fix that problem. It's not men or womens fault these things happen.some [...]

FAIRMONT – Dozens of women gathered in Fairmont for a special kind of retreat; one that focuses exclusively on positive lifestyle changes, and improving your mind, body, and soul. the seventh annual Women on Wellness Retreat was held at Heston Farms on Saturday. the theme of the retreat is ‘no judgment’. “It doesn’t matter what age or [...]

Consumer Reports keeps their results very guarded so that people will subscribe. Anyone a subscriber? I want to purchase a front load team and with the high cost and the length of time I'll have it (hopefully), I want to make sure I get the best. or is there another website that recommends washers based [...]

News about women is getting better these days. From the new law in Saudi Arabia that will set a minimum age for girls to marry in order to prevent child marriages, to the banning of female genital mutilation in Iraqi Kurdistan, advances in the status of women are evident the world over. the Human Development [...]

Women’s Heath Issues Examines Health Issues Specific to Women Veterans and the Veterans Health Administration Newswise — WASHINGTON – the Jacobs Institute of Women’s Health will host a media teleconference call to present research from the July/ August Women’s Health Issues supplement titled, “Health and Health Care of Women Veterans and Women in the Military: [...]